The Zentyal Logo

19 Aug 2010

As Ignacio announced, eBox has changed its name! Roxane explained the process of choosing a new name and Heidi has finally unveiled it. eBox Platform becomes Zentyal! Of course, we also have a new logo!

After choosing Zentyal as the new name for eBox we obviously needed a logo redesign. It had to transmit Zentyal values, already explained in previous posts, but we also wanted to keep green and orange colors.

Our designer proposed five different drafts, and choosing the definitive one was a funny process. For a week we had all the logos posted on a board, and wrote down what each logo transmitted to us. After some days of talking we reached a quorum, we had a brand new Zentyal logo!


What I most like from this logo is that it keeps the soul of eBox, but with a new identity. I think we all feel very comfortable with it. So, what do you think? I hope you like it too! Feel free to comment here or in the forum !